About Us:

Dr. Francis Feeney has been providing excellent orthodontic care in Ludlow, MA for more than 20 years. You’ll receive a personalized treatment plan customized to address your unique orthodontic goals and needs. Your smile and your treatment experience will exceed your expectations!

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Feeney has been practicing in Ludlow since 1992

He attended Fairfield University, where he completed his Bachelor of Science. He continued on to the University of Connecticut where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, orthodontic specialty certificate and Master of Dental Science. Afterwards, he received a teaching grant and taught as a professor before starting his practice in Ludlow.

When Dr. Feeney is not in the office he enjoys swimming, biking, running and skiing.

Favorite Place: The Grand Canyon

Favorite Food: Indian

Meet Our Staff

Emily has worked with Dr. Feeney for 12 years. She is CPR certified and has worked in business management and HR for over 20 years. Emily has two sons and her "daughter" is a adopted Shih Tzu named Maybel!

Hobbies: Outdoor water sports, exercise, yoga and reading.

Favorite Place: The ocean

Favorite food: I love sweets!

Fran joined the Feeney Orthodontics team in 2013. She is a Certified Orthodontic assistant and CPR certified. Fran has four daughters and FIVE grandchildren. Her baby is a cocker spaniel named Lyla.
Fran loves being outdoors and the beach is her favorite place.

Hobbies: Crafts, reading and being anywhere with her children and grandchildren.

Favorite food- Chicken Parmesan

Colleen started working with Dr. Feeney in 2000. She is CPR certified and a licensed Orthodontic Assistant. She has twin teenage daughters and a pet bunny named Campbell. When she's not at work Colleen loves reading and her favorite place is Disney. Her favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN! As far as her favorite food, Colleen has never met a cookie that she didn't like!

Marcia has been working with Dr. Feeney for 20 years! Her joys are cooking for her family, the theater, mowing the lawn and refinishing furniture. Her famous dish of eggplant parmesan also happens to be her favorite!
Marcia has three children and two grandchildren. She recently adopted a new member to her family- a pug/terrier named Jack. When she's not cooking or working Marcia's favorite place is the beach- specifically Bermuda -she has been there SEVEN times!

Katie joined the Feeney team in 2014, had a brief break, but is happy to be back! She is a licensed orthodontic assistant and is CPR certified. She just bought a house with her fiance Tom, and they have a baby boy, Cody. They are eager for a puppy but happy with the low maintenance of their fish 'Gil' for now. Being a new mom, her favorite place lately, has been bed! Her current hobbies include changing diapers and snuggling baby Cody. Favorite food is anything mexican.